How Skilled Developers Are Helping Loomis Transform Without Losing Its Way

How Skilled Developers Are Helping Loomis Transform Without Losing Its Way

It might be too soon to call Loomis a leading player in California’s ongoing revitalization, but there are reasons to incline in that direction. Although a small town of only about seven thousand residents, Loomis has become something of a symbol for many similarly sized communities throughout the state.

By growing in steady, responsible fashion while still preserving the quality and style of life that residents have for so long prized, Loomis is starting to seem like an exemplar to which many other California towns could do well to pay attention. Under the leadership of companies like FMWG Inc. Loomis is entering into a new phase of development that seems to presage an especially bright future.

A History of Commerce and Achievement

Today’s Loomis got its start, like many other towns in the American West, as little more than a stop on a major railway line. With a post office sprouting up soon thereafter to support newly arrived residents, the town then known as Smithville started to attract more attention.

All the usual accouterments of nineteenth-century municipal success began to pile up thereafter. With a saloon, general store, and other commercial facilities rounding out the small city’s offerings, it was finally renamed in 1890 to “Loomis” in honor of an especially prominent early settler.

Even having reached an important stage of development, Loomis remained for some time a relatively minor presence within Placer County itself. It was not until nearly a century later that the town was officially incorporated, despite having served as home to many residents and business for decades.

A New Era Dawns for an Especially Welcoming Small Town

Since then, Loomis has become widely known and appreciated for the quality of life it affords to its residents. With a determinedly small town feeling about it that soothes locals and visitors alike, Loomis has come to seem to many like an especially suitable place for starting and raising a family.

As a result of this fact and the attractiveness of property prices in the area, particularly relative to similarly desirable communities elsewhere in the state, Loomis has attracted an increasing share of attention in recent years. With developers doing an impressive job of helping the town accommodate the ensuing growth while preserving its special character, many see a bright future for it ahead.